Syrian Immigration and the Bible

As you know the first world is facing an immigration problem. In fact, this has been going on for decades but now it’s coming to a head. If you’ve been following the news with the Syrians, Iraqis and Afghanistan coming into Europe, you know what I mean.

In the Bible we read that one of the curses that is brought upon us is the stranger entering the land. This is a “cause and effect” result of disobeying God’s laws. Well, the same thing is happening today. If you think that the people coming in from the Middle East is here to be good citizens, work and contribute to society, you are wrong! There are a number of videos on YouTube where you can see and hear what they they think about White Christians. They admit that they will conquer us; they will either kill us or forcibly convert us to Islam.

Just like in centuries past, Islam has a bloody history. Yes, in a short few years it will come to a race war – your uniform will be the color of your skin! You can shout all you want of how liberal you are, how you think everyone is equal and that we “should turn the other cheek” but they will still rape and kill you.

Check out these videos to see what I mean.

This video shows the dark history, its killings, its control over several European countries and their “so-called” Golden Age. It’s important to “know your enemy” as is often said. You can check out other videos by this guy, too.

What I suggest you do is, download these videos and keep them on your computer AND burn DVDs and store them elsewhere. With the traitors that we call “politicians” a day will come where these videos will be taken offline “because they are hate speech.” Then a day will come where they will check everyone’s computer. I hope this doesn’t happen but we should do what we can to preserve the truth!

What is the Koran

Click Here

The video below shows what Muslims are doing to Europe. By doing a search in YouTube on: “Muslim attacks in Europe” you’ll find many videos.

Liberal complain that they (Muslim) are not integrating, they are not contributing to our culture. I say thank God that they are not integrating because they don’t belong here in the first place. If they integrated it would be worse for the White Race as we will no longer be White AND Christian. God said that as he set the bounds of the seas, so he has set the bounds of the nations. Now, it’s like a flood on the land but in time, the flood does recede to where it belongs. With people, we have a flood of non-White people and non-Christian people and, in time, they will be forced back to where they belong.

Muslim Destroying Europe

Check out other videos here.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


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