Charity Begins at Home

Charity Begins at Home

We have all seen those charity commercials on TV or even on the internet. They range from helping poor African children who have no clean drinking water to donkeys that are mistreated to some other children in Africa who don’t have enough food. These so-called “charities” have dominated the airwaves.

Well, there is a lot to say about these charities, so I might not cover them all here.

First, we know that many “charities” are run by people who simply want to make a lot of money and this includes the famous ones such as the American Red Cross and others. Just look at how much the CEOs are paid – that’s right paid. They have corporate salaries. They expect everyone else to volunteer, but they want their big salaries! Then, there is the high advertising expense. Thus, when you donate, don’t expect much to go to the people (or animals) you intend to help.

In the past 20 years the number of registered charities have increased many fold. This tells you that unscrupulous people see big money in this. And the fact that this is all legal, makes it more appealing for, what I call, criminals to get involved. In fact, these people who run these charities LOVE to see catastrophes happen. They have a saying, “Don’t let a good catastrophe go to waste!”

There are several reason I see that we, as real Christians, should not support these kinds of charities; they include:

1 – they are the wrong kind of charities

2 – they are supporting the wrong causes

3 – there are closer to home issues to support

4 – most of us have already paid to “charities” without our consent

Let’s take a look at each one of them. This is just a brief coverage; I’ll go into more detail later.

Number 1 – They are the wrong charities in that they simply want to make money. Thus, most of what you see on TV and the rest of the media fall into this category.

Number 2 – They support the wrong causes. What I mean by that is, for example, why help some animals when you have people to feed. People always comes first.

Number 3 – There are closer issue at home to support. Why help people half way around the world when you have problems right in your own town? If not in your town, certainly towns close to you.

Number 4 – Most of us have already paid to “charities.” What I mean by that is, we all pay taxes and they include more than just income tax. If you are an American, your government has a huge foreign policy program where they literally give billions of dollars away to nations all over the world. Part of your tax dollars go to that. So, you’ve already paid to help others.

Let’s take a look at helping the poor donkeys. There is one charity that shows some over worked donkey carrying sacks of grain. They want you to give £3 pounds a month (or whatever). I’m against cruelty to animals as many people are, but like I said there are millions of our own Christian brothers who need help before some donkey in Cyprus does. Now, there are some unscrupulous people who love to see some cruelty to animals. This person probably said, “Hey, look at this donkey that’s being over worked. I’ll take some videos of this, make an advert and get some jackasses, uhh, I mean bleeding heart liberals to donate to this. I’ll make a fortune!”

And, this is what they do. First, the donkeys never get help and they use the same picture over and over again. IF they do, they’d probably tell the peasant farmer to buy another donkey and mistreated him, too. This charity and others like it NEVER talk about going to the owners of these animals to correct the problem, they just show the poor animal.

Then, there is the “helping” of poor African children who don’t have clean drinking water, for example. They are like the above – you can be sure they will not see improvement in their village. IF they do, it’s very little for the amount of money that is collected. Finally, no where in the Bible are we told to give our money and time to those who are not our kin, not of the House is Israel, and who most probably are of some other religious belief. We are commanded by Yahweh NOT to help people like this. Think about this, did the Apostles and Disciples of Christ go to African and Asian countries to spread the gospel? No. They went to where their brothers were – in Europe. They went to the few who were still in the Middle East and in Egypt, but otherwise the Israelites (as opposed to Jews) lived in Europe; read James 1.1 for example.

There are other charity issues to support at home. Think about this, why give money to supposedly help those half way around the world when you have hungry and homeless people right in your own town? No one in the right mind will give to others in another country when they have their own problem. You can be sure that the people in African, South American and Asian countries will make sure their own people are ALL taken care of first before they send money abroad. So, why don’t we? That’s because we are brainwashed to thinking that it’s somehow better to give money to people who hate us.

If you want to help people, do it to those who live near you. And, don’t give to these charities but personally give and personally donate your time. This way, you can be sure that they will receive the money. You’ll also get the personal satisfaction of seeing the smiles on their faces and the words of gratitude.

So, why aren’t there charities that help those close to home? There may be a few but most of them prefer Africa, for example. Why? Because the people who make the donations will not see the money wasted. After all, they won’t travel to Africa to see that this village is still as poor and impoverished as ever. In fact, they wont be able to question the villagers that they never heard of (name your charity).

Many years ago, when America lived more (not completely) under God’s Law, we were not personally taxed as we are today. Thus, people had the money to help others, they had the money to give to their churches who took care of the poor. Many years ago, it was the church that took care of the needy and homeless – the government had nothing to do with it. Thus, when you lived in town, went to your local church and the church gave the extra money from the tithing to the local needy, the townspeople could see this. They saw that their money went directly to those who needed it, and it was truly their brethren that got help and not some atheist or pagan that lived 5,000 miles way that got it. (In fact, they only received the “crumbs” while the CEO gets most of it.)

Charity truly begins at home. And by the time you get rid of the poor in your country, there will be no money left for other nations. It usually takes all the money for a nation to increase the living standards of your own people. Therefore, this foreign charity business should not be possible. And to help animals in various parts of the world would be the last on the agenda. Keep in mind, there never should be money given to heathen nations to begin with.

So, let’s return to God’s Law and stop making charity a lucrative business for those who run it!


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