What is Hell?

What is hell that is really taught in the Bible? There are a lot of Christians who don’t know their Bible. There is one big fundamental website that has a “warning” at the bottom of many of his pages that “you’ll burn in hell if you don’t believe in Jesus.” What he, as well as many other Christians are doing is, “frightening you to believe” in Christ. This is not what God wants, after all who would want followers if you threaten them with torture? Would you really get someone to love you if you used that? No. So, neither would Christ use that method. It is for this very reason – “the threat of burning in hell forever” – that turns many off from Christianity and they look at Christians as nuts. It’s ironic, that non-believers, even pagan can see the inconsistency here but Christians can’t. So, those who call themselves Christians – do they really love God or they are fearful if they don’t?

Find out what the Bible really says about hell, then you’ll understand that Yahweh God is truly loving.

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