Ivan Panin: The Bible Code

Continuing in what is the best approach to non-believers in Christ that the Bible is the true word of God? That must be the works by Dr. Ivan Panin, who was born in Russia in the 19th Century. He started out by being an atheist and Communist but when he discovered the hidden numerics of the Bible his life changed forever.

Yahweh God had put in the Bible a mathematical code that no man could ever do. No other book in the history of man can such a code be produced – or any code that shows a systematic and consistent numbering. To learn more about what I’m saying watch this amazing video and find out for yourself.

A Very Mysterious Letter by Dr. Ivan Panin to the New York Sun, Click Here

In short, when you show the above video to someone or the above text, no honest person can deny the existence of God and that Christ came in the flesh, died and rose again from the dead to save us from our sins. Click Here to see the letter. This makes a great witnessing tool!


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