What is Wrong with Yoga?

What is Wrong with Yoga?

Many people in the West think that yoga is simply a form of stretching and that you can be a Christian and do yoga. In fact, these people point out that their church has yoga classes held in their building. Well, the people in India laugh at this as yoga is a part of Hinduism, it can not be devorced from it. In fact, when you do yoga you are opening yourself to “unclean spirits” as the Bible calls it. In fact, there are many yoga teachers who become strangely sick by doing it; they go to the doctors and it baffles them as to what their condition or disease it.

There are many other videos and articles on the dangers of doing yoga if you do a search for them using words like: “yoga danger,” “yoga exposed,” “dangers of yoga,” etc.

2 responses to “What is Wrong with Yoga?

  1. I completely agree with you that yoga cannot be divorced from Paganism and shouldn’t be practiced by a Christian, however, it is Hinduisim that Yoga is a part of, not Buddhism. 🙂

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