Christian Healing and the Bible, part 2

Many Christians Are Hypocrites In Some Way

There are many fake healers out there, no doubt. Here Justin Peters talk about healing and the Bible. Though he had a good sermon in this video, and he also showed video clips of televangelists Benny Hinn and Gloria Copeland and the blasphemy they said in front of their congregation.

But on sickness and the Bible, Justin is off the mark in one place, particulurly at the 0:21:00 mark. Justin has Cerbrel Pasly and here is what he said…

(See video in last post Christian Healing and the Bible, part 1)

Here is what Justin said about his Cerbrel Pasly, “In the grand sceme of things, the reason why I have Cerbrel Pasly is because I have sin. Not my personal sin but because of the sin of Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve ate of that fruit…when they sinned, when they disobeyed God, not only did sin enter into the world but so did sickness and disease. That’s one of the consequences of living in a fallen world. The reason why many of you today are wearing eye classes is a result of sin. Not your personal sin but the sin of Adam and Eve. Next time you catch a cold you can blame Adam and Eve for that. It’s just one of the consquences of living in a fallen world.”

Would you believe that? I would expect this from someone who is a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing like Hinn, Copeland and others. So, let’s examine what Justin Peters said.

Now, I don’t know this for sure, but I bet Justin is seeing a medical doctor. If he is, that means doesn’t buy what he told others as, he wants to get well – or why go to a doctor. Like I said he didn’t say he is going to the doctor. Now, if he isn’t seeing anyone – no matter what the therapy, then that means he believes in what he told others. This is sad, too, as he has given up.

Doe disease come from Adam and Eve? This is a “yes” and “no” answer. It did in the sense that if there is no sin in the world there would be no disease. But if that is true in another sense, then why do you have healthy people? After all, there are millions of healthy people and they are under sin, too. So what is his answer to that? The “no” answer to this is that disease is the result of disobeying God’s health laws, as found in the Old Testament. Justin says nothing about this, not at this section of the video nor in the whole video nor in other videos when he talks about health and the Bible. Sounds like he is “picking and choosing scripture.” Why does he do that?

Justin needs to look up the definition of sin as the Bible states it. In the book of John we read that, sin is the transgression of the Law. What Law? The Laws, Statues and Judgements as found in Exodus and elsewhere. Obviously, the Law has not been “put away with” as most preachers tell you falsely today. So, there is a sin here but it’s not a mortal sin. That doesn’t mean that if you break the food law or eat something that is forbidden you will not go to Heaven – provided that you accept Christ as your savior and that you know Him as the Son of God.

If Eve did not sin, the people of the world would have automatically eaten the right foods and not get sick. Since we know that Adam and Eve had to eat when they were perfect, that means they ate the right foods.

The health laws in the Bible are the foods we can and can not eat. They were put there for a reason. If we eat the wrong foods we’ll get sick, if we eat the right foods we’ll remain healthy – baring accidents, of course. If we have an accident then that is really an injury and not a disease.

If what Justin said is true about disease entering the world IN THE CONTEXT HE MEANS, then why didn’t Adam and Eve get sick? We do not read of them getting sick, nor do we read others in the Bible BEFORE the Flood get sick. Think about this, how could Adam and Eve live 900 years after sin and disease enter into the world? You can’t live long and be in and out of sickness; you can’t live with heart disease for 200 years or cancer for 100 years, for example and expect to reach your 900th year. Justin didn’t talk about this at all – if he did, it would disprove what he said. How Adam lived so long and how the other people mentioned in the Bible before Noah live to their 800 and 900th year is because they NATURALLY ate foods that they were biologically designed to eat. Yes, they could have got sick and die early if they at some processed junk food like we have today or if they drank Coke, and ate pork or ducks for example. So, their avoidence of being sick is that they had a lifestyle that was conducive to long life – although there was sin in the world. Likewise, if we get exercise, sunshine, be grateful, be thankful and eat a diet primary of vegetables, we would avoid sickness today. In fact, that is how people regain health and keep their health by adopting a lifestyle as outlined in the Bible.

“Not your personal sin,” is why we get sick, according to Justin Peters. Is that true? No. It is our personal sin. If you get sick most probably it’s because of your personal sin – the sin of eating the wrong foods, for example, as outlined in Exodus. Don’t put the blame on Eve – you did it yourself. Sure, we are more easily tempted now but we at food that, in time, produces disease.

What Justin said about if you get sick, “It must be God’s will,” is not true. He implies that if you get sick and don’t get well, it’s God’s will. This is nonsense and what he said is not biblical. Also, the dangerous thing that he is telling the people he is talking to, as well as those who see his videos is, that if you don’t get well, just resign yourself to your illness or degenerate disease. God said that if we obey His Laws, Statues and Judgements, that he will not have the “plauges of Egypt” come upon us. Did he read that in the Bible? But this is conditional, in that your have to obey the Laws. Now, this is one thing that modern-day Christians don’t like to hear, in fact the are told lies by preachers that the Law has been done away with. When people believe this, they easily fall for “sickness must be my lot in life; it must be God’s will,” etc. No, it’s not God’s will or else he would not tell us how to get healthy. It was not the Law that was put away with but the RITUAL, the animal scrafices that was put away. Yeshua Christ made the ultimate scrafice, but the other laws are still in effect. What do Christians think today – that we live under anarchy? We can do as we please?

If you go to a doctor, for example, and you don’t get well, you can easly think THEN IT MUST BE GOD’S WILL – it is not. The reason why you didn’t get well is, you have to ask yourself: “Did I follow God’s health laws?” If you don’t know what they are, then you can be sure that you didn’t follow them. The reason why most people get worse when visiting a medical doctor is because they are not following the dietary laws set down in Genesis. What they give you in hospitals and the treatment you have is really satanic, it’s evil. You can’t posion yourself to health. God provided everything in nature and the cost is only the cost you’d normally pay for food. Once you know this, you’ll see how loving God is.

The following is for those who are really ignorant on what to do:

So, if you are ignorant for example, and you don’t get well by going to a medical doctor (almost always guaranteed), then you try something else. Just like if you were trying to solve a problem and you have no expert in front of you to ask, you KEEP TRYING. So many times people give up and they wonder why they have so many problems. So, you try herbs, fasting, drinking fresh vegetable juices. Of course, YOU PRAY for guidence and healing, too.

I do know that people get healed by praying only and we thank God for that. However, the reason why, at least for some of the people, that people DON’T GET HEALED from praying is for a valid reason. It’s because God gave us instructions in what to do, He provided plants that do it. He told us what we are allowed to eat.

Think of this, God created the laws of biology, chemistry and all sciences. He told us to not eat pork products for a reason – as it carries posions. There is a natural “cause and effect reaction.” So, you eat pork and it’s forbidden, you get heart disease. When you are ill you pray to God. Now, if God got you well on prayer alone, what do you do? You go back to eating pork and every other abominable thing that God forbids. In other words, you want Yahweh, God to give you a license to break the Law! If he heals you everytime, but you got back to eating the same forbidden foods, what does that make of the Bible? What does that make of God? Do you see my point. If you get healed on prayer alone and you go back doing the same thing, you would not learn your lesson; it would be like a confirmation “that the laws were done away with, including the health laws.” Did you ever realise that some foods and herbs were put here especially for our health, for our food?

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