Christian Healing and the Bible, part 1

1.02.0 Justin had been to 8 Benny Hinn crusades and he said he had seen dozens of sick people on the floor at the entrance to the auitorium. This, the cameras don’t show.

We have all seen the fake Christian healing done by televangelists, such as Benny Hinn. As with all false prophets, they do use scripture and may actaull start off fine, but then they introduce one lie after another; they take one scripture out of context or they use a Bible version that is corrupt, such as the New Living Bible, and thus get their followers to stray.

You have to provide people some truth if you are to build a following. Now, it has been reported that the healing that these televangelists do is not from God. They actually have some people to be shills, who have nothing wrong with them and pretend they are sick or wheelchair bound. Others, who may feel better at the time, while they are on stage with 10,000 onlookers, say they feel better, but they die of their illness a couple of months later.

If you do a YouTube search with the words, “street healing” you’ll find many videos by different people who looks like they are healing people of their aches and pains on the street. Now, this appears to be genuine, as there are many people in each video who has the surprised look on their face or tears in their eyes. Is this real, or is this a fake like Benny Hinn?

Our source is the Bible. With the street healers, such as Thomas Fischer, Torben Sondergaard, and others they quote scripture. Their healing is without money and their message is to teach the Gosple of Jesus Christ. They do quote good scripture but there is some on the topic of health and sickness that they don’t quote. For example, these people you find under “street healing” say that you are meant to be well, if you are not well, you got to using the “laying of the hands” on yourself to get well; that we should aways be well and if we are not well, we just don’t have the faith. Is that true? What does the Bible say?

We read that Paul, who did perform healing in Jesus’ name had some miracles happen. However, his healing did not continue to the end of his life. In fact, we read later that Paul himself was sick. Does that mean that Paul did not have faith? Of course not, it was something that was to be temporary – this power to heal. This was so, in order to spread the word of God. As Chrsit said Himself, if you don’t believe me, believe my works.

(Joh 14:12) Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

(Joh 14:13) And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

(Joh 14:14) If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

Here we are told that we can perform healing in Christ’s name. The healing, of course, is through Christ and that we should take no credit it for it. Yet, I’ve seen this pastor (see the link: Click Here) say that healing is not for everyone. Now, this is true and this is where the “street healers” are wrong. They say that we should always be healed. This man in this video (I don’t know his name, sorry) looks like he has Parkenson’s disease or MS. It looks like he has rumathoid arthritus in his hands as you can see how this knockles are bent in the opposite direction.

Hypocrites In Christian Healing

What I want to point out here is, that some people are hypocritical in their Christian teaching and it is with this guy. I’m sure he thinks that this is his “lot in life” that he should have this MS. Yet, I bet he is seeing medical doctors. This means he wants to get well. IF this is true, why does he say in the video that some people are meant to be sick? Then why didn’t he include himself in this? Each person, including himself, will do what they can to get well again – it’s natural. In fact, not just what we want consciouly, it’s what God wants, it’s down to the cellular level. God created us and with this creation, He created for our cells to do what they can to survive; our immune system and our whole being to do what it can to survive. Therefore, to seek treatment of whatever kind is NOT resigning to “God must want me sick,” attitude. Naturally, God can do whatever He wants but at the same time, it’s natural for our body to respond and be in a homostatius state.

Back to this preacher, who did say a lot of good and scriptural things in this video. Why doesn’t he look in the Bible of what God provides to get well? Why doesn’t he look for natural treatments from the Bible? Look at what Adam, Eve and all those who lived up to the time of the Flood ate; they ate a vegetarian diet (you can read this in Genesis). They were under sin but they were healthy – think about it. You can’t live to be 800 or 900 years old and be in poor health; you can’t live this long and get old and grey at 70 or 80.

If you are of the mind set that “It must be my fate to have this heart disease,” you should still do what you can to be healthy. It’s when you don’t get healthy and you finally die that it’s God’s will but you are a long time off. Don’t try to second guess Yahweh, God.

Paul advised one person, whom he had to leave, to have wine and water for his stomach problem. Here, Paul did not lay hands on him and cure him. For some reason, the only thing he could have done at the time was to advise nutritionally. Notice, wine (probably red) and water was natural. This is telling you something, that you look for natural, holistic means to get well; using the ingredients that God put on earth, not some chemical concoction made with poisons that are made in a laboratory.

Christians Say They Believe in the Bible But Go to Medical Doctors

It’s sad that many Christians know scripture and say that they follow it but when it comes to illness, they run off to the medical doctors and have the doctors give them chemical potions. Well, the Bible says a lot about drugs and it’s bad and this would be the down fall of nations, as revealed in Revelation. The word for “pharmakia” means someone who drugs; the word for “sorcery” also means someone who drugs others. Look up the ancient Greek words and you’ll find that what the Bible means is that people who are ingaged in this are drug pushers. We think that “sorcery” is someone over a big pot stirring something on the fire – they may have made drugs that way 3,000 years ago. But the same applies to those who use machinery that filters, heats and mixes the canciogenic drugs that are found in pharmacies today.

In Conclusion

We should do what we need to do to get well, including praying, changing our diet or going to someone who can heal in Jesus’ name. If all of this doesn’t work (using one thing at a time), then you can say that “it’s your time to go;” that it’s God will.

Keep this in mind that even if you are healthy but you are old, you’ll still die. That means it’s your time to go; and this is the best way to go – in your sleep, dying of natural causes.


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