The Anti-Christs Try to Destory the Bible

Weekly Sermon 30 August 2015


You don’t hear about other religions have many versions of their holy books; you don’t hear about the Jews changing their Tulmud, you only hear about the Bible of the Christians. Why? I believe that the evil leaders know that ONLY the Bible has the truth and the truth talks against their New World Order; only the Bible has ANSWERS to today’s problems. With that in mind, all the attacks in the form of changing the meaning is on the Bible.

There is one way that the anti-Christs try to destroy Christianity is by coming out with different versions of the Bible. Most of these new versions have been in the last 100 years. The people resonsible include Jews and our own Anglo-Saxon people who have been duped. If you think that the changes are mild, and that they just use modern English, think again after you listen to Gale talk about the New Age Bible. Below this video is another one by Gail Riplinger on the Bible as a dictionary. Yes, God had thought of everything!


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