The Best Bible Software

The best Bible software that I have found is from e-Sword. This is free and you can download it at: You can download not only the Bible but Commentaries, Bible dictionary, Bible atlas and more and it’s for FREE. Of course, a donation would be appreciated by Rick Meyers, the designer of the program.

There are many things you can do with this Bible software, such as:

quickly find book and verse

copy and paste any verse

see Strong’s number for each word

make your own notes

read Commentaries

…and much more.

You can also download Strong or Young’s Concordance of the Bible and have a KJV with Strong’s number, too. There are many versions of the Bible to download – some free with others that you have to purchase. But there is a warning, for the English speaking world, use only the 1611 King James Version or something earlier, like the Geneva Bible. The other versions are done by the Jews or those who are working for them (see our previous Post titled, “Danger New Age Bible” to read the reason why). If you do download another version then the KJV 1611, for example, you can check it out for yourself where changes are made and where whole verses are deleted. As God said, those who would add to the Bible, so will the plagues of the earth be added to him. Those who would take away from the Bible, so will his name be taken from The Book of Life.

For some verses to check are:

Matt 18.11

Mark 7.16

I john 5.7

I Cor 7.5

Mark 9.29

Acts 10.30

Mark 3.15 power to heal the sick omitted in NIV bible

With e-Sword Bible software, you can make Bible comparisons in seconds.

In the meantime, go to: and get your KJV of the Bible.

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