Occultism Entering the Churches

Christian Identity people realise the lies that most of the churches are engaged in, such as: the Jews are God’s chosen people, we should be pacifists, we should all mix, the laws of God has been done away with, plus others. However, as bad as that is, the churches are getting worse.

You know the topics that Christian Identity churches talk on, well, it’s time that we look at other dangers entering the churches, as it just might enter in CI churches. This can come in the form of yoga (whether it be within the church grounds or some commercial building).

There is occultism coming in the form of yoga, known specifically, “kundalini.” There is a form of yoga called, “kundalini yoga” where unclean spirits enter your body. In this video, you’ll see people shaking, uncontrollable laughter, and, in general, acting crazy. This has been introduced through, what is called, Word of Faith Movement. When you see people acting like this, it will send a chill down your spine. Watch this short video and you’ll see.


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