Spreading the word of God through YouTube


By “Richlion”

I’ve come across some YouTube videos when the preacher talks about the devil and satan. The videos are on healing as Jesus healed (laying on of the hands). The guy shouts about the devil to get out (of the person who is in pain). I had to make a comment.

I got a file from my computer on Give the Devil His Due and made an outline of it. I actually made several comments where I can ‘copy and paste’.

Then, what I did was I went to the maker of the videos, to his channel, to post the comments. Of course, you can use the same comment over and over again but if you have something different it looks good. What this enables you to do is to add more info, as posting in one post might be too long.

Here are some suggestions when posting:

Be polite

Be specific (reference, book and verse)

Use the person’s YT channel who made the videos (if possible)

Find videos that have hits over 10,000

Find videos that also have few comments (I don’t know the ideal ratio, so use judgment)

By using the above guidelines, you ensure people will see it. The combination of the least comments to the most views is best. This way, your comment will be right under the video for the most amount of views, which will enable more people to read it.

The people that are sincere will consider this and look up the verses and do some original research on their own. This will help spread the Gospel Truth.

I wouldn’t bother to keep track on all the posts you make to see who responds, as you can get a lot of government shills or people who are so brainwashed that they will tie you down with back and forth communication. Just continue to post more and more comments.

Taking this a step further

You can give some detail (to get the readers attention) and have a link to your website or blog. You might have to check into this first, as I don’t know if you can do this under Comments. I know you can put links in your video if you uploaded the video under the Description section. But what you can do is, make a link without the http:// or the www. And you might want to just put “dot com” People will be able to find your site IF they are interested. In short by sending someone to another site or your own, they will learn more.

You might have an ebook on your blog where they can download it, so you will have to put a link in the right way to do this. What I haven’t done yet, or what you may do is, look for other Comments and see if anyone has any links in their posts. Better yet, look at the Rules that YT has and see if they bar posting links in Comments section.

Topic doesn’t matter

The topic doesn’t have to be what is talked about in the video. For example,, if you go to most any preacher or church’s video, and they are main-line, you can be sure that they think that the Jews are God’s chosen people, they think that God’s laws were done away with. So, even if they talk on another subject in the video you can post on this topic, as we know that 99% of the churches are wrong on these subjects. So, your posting will bring viewers to the Bible truth.

Multiple YouTube Channels

As you know Google owns YouTube, and from what I know you can have a YouTube channel if you have a mobile phone (this is for businesses but it might be for individuals now, so check into this). If they do ask for your mobile number, you are allowed two accounts for your phone PER year. If you already have two and want another one, ask a friend (who is with you) to use their number. This is what I did. Then when Google sends the 4 digit number to enter, they send it via text to the number they are given. This will allow you to use a different account when you want to make it look like another person is posting. Of course, this is not necessary but something to keep in mind – especially if they should ban one of your accouts, you’ll have another.

Make your own videos

You can make your own videos, but then you will have to work from the bottom and hope you get traffic. It’s easier to go to videos that already have a lot of traffic and that have a lot of personal followers.

As Christian Identity followers, you know that there are a lot of topics that most Christians are taught wrong in. Now is your time to witness to these people using YouTube. YT, Google gmail and blogs are free so use them. (I would suggest WordPress.com as the platform for blogs.) All this takes is your time and dedication to advance Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.