Christian Identity and Hands on Healing

Christian Identity and Hands on Healing

In the videos (if you had seen them in the previous post), you have seen people being healed right on the street or some other public place. This is your “office” – wherever there are people. Some places to find people are:

a busy pedestrian area

shopping street in a city

shopping mall

public park

where a game is being played

indoor or outdoor event


coffee shop

tourist area

hotel lobby/pool

on the beach

As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can meet people. When you are in one of these locations, what you do is, just walk up to someone and ask them if they are in pain. Since most people have some kind of health problem, this is not hard to do.

The type of people to look for

The type of people to look for include people who are:


With crutches

In a wheelchair

With a bandage on


Fat and obese people

Questions to ask

What kind of problem do you have?

How long have you had it?

What is your name?

Show me where on your body?

On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being no pain and 10 being the most, what number is it?

Is it OK to pray for you?

May I put my hands there?

Then, put your hand(s) on that part of their body and pray out loud but in a low voice, words to this effect, “Jesus, I ask you to heal (the person’s name if you have it). Be gone now.” Or, you can say, “Jesus please heal Tom’s painful leg. Let it go now.”

Literally in a couple of seconds you are through. Then, ask that person how he feels; ask him to walk around or put attention to where the pain is. Often, with just one short prayer their pain is gone. Some of the words you can say is, “Jesus did the healing. Isn’t that wonderful? We are told in the Bible to go out, health the sick and preach the Kingdom of God.”

Let the person experience the joy of suddenly feeling better and pain free. Ask them, “What do you think? How do you feel? Would you like to know more?”

We have a great opportunity to witnessing now; perhaps more so than at any time in the history of the world with all the problems we face of every kind. Naturally, we should ONLY go out the “Lost sheep of the house of Israel,” as Christ commanded (I know you’ve seen other people in the videos). I would only help others IF their faith is there, just like we read in the Bible.

Don’t let the person go

Don’t let the person go off without telling him something about what you do. Talk to them a few minutes if you can. Of course, if they are in a hurry, then give them your business card with your contact details on it. If they have time to talk, and most have, tell them something like this (use your own words):

“There are many other biblical truths that we tell others in our weekly meeting, which are held at (the address). You are invited to come. Can you be there? Bring a friend. Perhaps you know someone else who is sick.”

I’m sure you get the idea. Of course, this will be based on what and where you do your Christian Identity preaching.

Have the person come with you

The first thing you should try to do, after you have the healing is, “Would you like to come with me for a few minutes and your put your hands on someone?” As you are walking down the mall, or wherever, tell her to say a little prayer in Jesus’ name and put her hand on the area that is in pain or where the disease is located.

Many times they will go with you (as seen in the videos). You first talk to the stranger and tell him what you do; find out what the pain is and where, then have the person you just worked on put her hands on that person.

If there is no improvement or not complete, have the person do it again. When you do, tell the stranger that it may take 2-3 times. But before it is done again, ask the stranger how he feels and proceed from there accordingly. After that person is healed, you can invite him to come along, too, as you walk through the mall. Soon, you’ll have a group of people who now share a common experience and, prayerfully, share being a Bible believing Christian, too!

Go out there, start laying on the hands and preach the Christian Identity Truth!

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