New Age Deception

Weekly Sermon 26 July, 2015

There are millions of people in what we call “The Law of Attraction,” which is really the New Age belief that others are familiar with. This “New Age” is nothing new, it’s really a re-package form of ancient pagan beliefs that God warned us about. So, there is nothing new about it at all. Then, after the 1970s, it has re-surfaced and is named “The Law of Attraction.”

In the Christain Identity Movement there is no talk about this. Though we are called Christian Identity or Kingdom Identity, we should have sermons that not just cover who we are and who the Jews are but we should have sermons, articles, videos and other forms of media that covers the WHOLE gamut of what Christians should be aware of. One area is that of this New Age garbage. After all, if you don’t know what the dangers are, you can easily get trapped into this.

In this video is a woman who talks about her experience in this Law of Attraction belief that is going around. This will tell you why it’s bad and even includes Scripture. Though this woman, Sharon, is a Catholic, she doesn’t talk about the Catholic belief system but just on her experience with using The Law of Attraction and the disaster it has brought her family.