Beliefs in The Law of Attraction Serves the Purpose of the New World Order

For those in the Law of Attraction, you know and were told by various “gurus” such things as:

There is no “right” and “wrong”

“No matter what you do, you can’t get it wrong,” by John Dimartini

There is no sin

If you don’t get it right this time, you have a 1,000 life times you can come back and try again

There is no heaven

There is no God, we are all god

God is within us

We don’t need any salvation

We are holy, we can save ourselves

Whatever happens to us we attract to ourselves

Whatever happens to others, they attract it

Never have a negative emotion

Don’t accept an negative emotion from others

Some of the above comes from: The “spirit guide” called “Abraham” as taught by Ester Hicks and from the book, “A Course in Miracles,” Bob Proctor and Dr John Demartini.

Now, there are many who are in the Law of Attraction and have read many books, taken some courses and even have videos on various aspects of this. So, you know that basically what is listed above is what the “gurus” of The Law of Attaction teaches.

Now, just imagine you are one of the evil world leaders and are part of the JNew World Order ;-). We know from history that to fight the enemy you must think like the enemy – ONLY so you know or hope to know what his next move is – nothing new here. So, if you were a control freak, you are greedy, you want to be able to get away with what you’r doing without fear of reprisal, what would you do? Remember, you have studied history, too, and unlike other Communist dictators and others of the past, you want to get away with what you are doing; you don’t want a huge police force, as the police themselves could rebel; the military can rebel. So, what is the ideal thing you’d like to do?

You would like to have a universal belief that: there is no “right” and “wrong.” You want the people to get away from, Christianity. For example, you want the people to believe there is no sin and even that there is no God, as we are all gods.

You (as a NWO leader) also want the people react in such a way that when trouble does come to us, that “we only attacted it ourselves; it was our own thoughts and all we have to do is change the thought.” If poverty comes to a friend, or if they got cancer, we should say to them, “You brought it on yourself; you attracted it yourself.”

How this helps you (who are in power with the Elite) is, that the people will not know that OTHERS are doing it to them and it’s not something that they attracted themselves. And by having the people see that their problems are because of the way “they think” they would put the blame on themselves and not look at the TRUE sources of their problems – being the evil people in control. In fact, since you were taught in The Law of Attraction that there is no “evil” (which, denotes “sin” by the way), that you will not see the wrong that others are doing to you; in short, it’s OK if they do it, because they are not really doing it. Also, you remember what David Icke told you (and others) that this is not reality, we really aren’t here!

In the meantime, you (and that includes all of us) are still a slave, you have terminal illness and you are living in a dump of a place. While those who rule over you and hate you are enjoying their mansions, in sailing in their multi-million dollar yacht heading towards their other mansion in the Carribean. While they are enjoying their champagne and caviar on the sundeck of their 150 foot yacht, while you are wasting away in your counsel home in the inner city.

In short, the (mostly) Jewish leaders have you exactly where they want you and you are told to be happy where you are!