The Deception of “The Law of Attraction”

Weekly Sermon 19 July, 2015

It Should be Called “The Law of Deception”

For this week’s sermon, I’m going to change the subject and talk about “The Law of Attraction (LofA).” I’m sure you all heard of this, in fact you may have some books on it and have taken a course on this. I bring up this subject because it’s not just about deceiving people, but it also gets you away from Bible truths.

Though some of these leaders in the LofA would say they are Christian, what they teach certainly isn’t. In fact, if you are in any circles of LofA, you will find that many don’t even claim to be Christians.

You’ll hear in the LofA such things as:

we are part of God

we are gods

we can create like God

“Think and Grow Rich is my Bible” (as said by Bob Proctor)

we have the best economic system in the world (talking about America as said by Brian Tracy)

and on and on.

What they teach should be called “The Law of Deception” which is what it is!

Here is a video to consider and a Post on the next one after this that will give you more information.

You can also do your own research by going to Google and type in:

law of attraction debunked

law of attraction fraud

John Demartini fraud (or some other person’s name)


See what you come up with. Also, you can do a search on YouTube and find different results. With a video you may find it more informative as you will hear in their own words what they say.

Many Christians know about other religions and why they are wrong. They may also know about others that call themselves Christian, but are actually cults. But not many, including those in the Christian Identity movement know about those who go around claiming you can be healthy, wealthy and happy with what is called The Law of Attraction.

In the video provided, the guy talks about the devil this and Satan that. But knowing what you do about the devil, Satan and Hell (as contained in this blog), you know that all of what is being done as far as deceiving people are done by mortal man – not some intity that is much bigger and powerful than us.

This that in mind, kindly watch the video here and have a discussion with your friends and family.


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