Bible Doctrines and New Versions

Weekly Sermon 17 May, 2015

Those who want to replace our King James Version with new Modern Versions

are constantly stating that no Bible Doctrines are affected by the

changes. One school recently published an article by one of its’ teachers

in which he said that, “BOTH TEXTS ARE THE WORD OF GOD.” It is difficult to

understand how two texts differing in over 5,000 places can both be the

Word of God. It only serves to show the absolute desperation on the part of

the MINORITY Text champions to defend their indefensible position. The

purpose of this volume is to show the changes made by the MINORITY text

and how they affect the Bible Doctrines which Christians have always

believed. Though I do not consider any change in the Word of God to be

unimportant, I have singled out the most glaring examples. A careful

reading will show that the Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian faith

have been affected many times.

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