Answers to Atheists part 2

I Can Design a Better Universe Than God Did!

Okay. Here is your chance to design a universe that is better than the one we live in. Many people claim that the poor design of our universe and/or God’s involvement or lack thereof results in a universe that is unacceptable. In order to present a thorough model, please address all the following issues:

1.Will the beings you create be equal to you or less powerful?

2.What degree of free will will you allow to those beings?

3.How will you prevent those beings from hurting you, each other and their creation?

4.What will you do with those beings who break your rules?

5.What laws of physics will you use?

I encourage you to “think outside the box.” The universe you design does not have to be similar to our universe. Change the laws of physics. Think about gravity, thermodynamics, matter, energy, etc. Think about the beings who you create. How will they interact with you and each other (you don’t have to use the five senses that we have)? My goal is to get you to think deeply about the issues of free will and love and how those issues are affected by the physical laws. I look forward to your ideas. Here are some other people’s ideas:

•Alternative Universes

Reviews of some of the issues involved can be found at the links below:

•Does the Presence of Natural Evil Argue Against the Existence of God? Why Natural Evil Must Exist – This is an excellent place to start, since if you keep the laws of physics the same as they are now, you are going to end up with a lot of natural “evil.”

•General Introduction for Non-Believers

•There is Too Much Evil and Suffering For God to Exist?

•Atheists have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right?

•The Extradimensional Nature of God

Ultimate atheists challenge

Most ideas submitted to this page have been lame, at best, since they don’t take into account the laws of physics or the reasons why a god might create spiritual beings at all. If you are a type A atheist, who knows something about physics and theology, we want your ideas! You assignment will be to examine the four fundamental forces of physics and specifically modify (or eliminate) them improve your design for spiritual creatures:

1.Strong nuclear force (keeps protons within atomic nuclei from flying away)

2.Weak nuclear force (responsible for phenomena within the atomic nucleus, such as radioactive decay)

3.Gravity (attraction between masses)

4.Electromagnetic force (which governs interactions of charged particles)

For theology, you need to design a universe that meets all of God’s requirements:

1.Your universe must allow for the existence of sentient creatures.

2.These sentient creatures must have the ability to make moral choices.

3.Your universe must operate by physical laws that are reliable, so that the sentient creatures will be able to interact reliably with their surroundings and each other.

4.Your universe must declare your power and glory.

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