Dangers of Other Versions of the Holy Bible

Christ had warned His people of those who would make changes to the Bible (what because known as the Bible); by those who would add unto the Word or those who would take away from the Word. Well, this has been going on for many years. I’m not saying that there is only one or two versions of the bible that are in grave error but virtually all of them.

You might be aware of The Living Bible in error, but there are others, too, such as: NIV, NKJV, New American Revised Version of the Bible.

So, what Bible should we be using?

We should be using the original King James Version. In this post and other posts to come, there will be much information shared of how and why all these other versions are wrong.

Much truth is given by Christian Identity pastors, such as who we are, we are God’s children, God’s laws should be inforced today. But not one of them has spoken of the other versions of the Bible and the lies they contain. Only one that I know of, and that is the former Pastor Sheldon Emry when he gave a sermon on The Livng Bible. Well, I think it’s about time that CI people are brought up to date on the other versions.

I know that most, if not nearly all CI people are ignorant of the errors of other versions of the Bible, with the exception of The Living Bible and the Bible that the Catholics use. Pete Peters always used New American Standard Version. Thought what he taught was the truth – in regards to Identity – that version, too has many errors. And I’m not just talking about minor errors such as prepositions and punctuation.

Here is a 23 page report titled: Another Bible, Another Gospel