Most Patriots Are Clueless

There are many people who are patriots, some of them have alternative news sites and internet radio broadcasts but many of them are missing the point. They talk about things like: if we only had more people, if we got more donations, if we started a good political party, if (you fill in the blanks).

Many of these people, including their followers think that it will be man’s work somehow that will turn things around. Well, I have news for them – it will not be the work of man, it will be the work of God Almight. It is prophecised in the Bible that the Babylonian System will fall in a day. When this happens, people will see that it can only be the work of God and no one else.

These misinformed Patriots know all that the Jews and their fellow-travellers are doing; they know about the conspiracies, etc. but never once do you hear about what God says about it. Don’t believe me? Listen to people like Alex Jones and Mike Adams – they say they are Christian but they don’t know the Bible and they certainly don’t talk God’s plans for those who are destroying the people. Why is this? I really don’t know, but they should know what is going on – from a biblical perspective.

The most informed people I have found are Christian Identity people. Continue to read their literature and listen to their radio programs (such as you find here); then you’ll learn that there is victory for God’s people and destruction of the Babylonian System and those who support it. If you missed the previous post about Babylon, then go back and listen to it. Also, download a 47 page booklet on this same subject.

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