How Most Patriots are Clueless

I’m really sorry to say this, but most people who call themselves Patriots are clueless when it comes to getting out of this mess that the world is in.

Some of these people claim to be Christian but they really keep it under raps, if you know what I mean. They will say in a little sound-bite that they are Christian then they gone to talk about the rest of the problem without giving the biblical reasons why we are in the mess that we are.

Anytime you hear someone who talks about the New World Order how the whole planet is in danger, they never give the biblical reasons. For example, the other day I heard Dr. Rima Laibow speak on how Codex Alimentarius can reduce the world population by a couple of billion – that’s billion with a “b”. sure, this is true and she has the facts, but she gives no hope. Oh, the hope she gives is: go to her website and sign the petition. You see, her lawyer found a loop-hole in the bill that would stop the world leaders from controling the amount of suppliments we may have.

Well, Dr. Laibow, this will not help. How do I know. There have been many other petitions, voting propositions on the ballet, and demonstrations and it has not help. Well, if these people spend a little more time in reading the Bible and how it relates to today, they will know what to do.

A little clue: if you go to YouTube and listen to Pastor Sheldon Emry speak, among his many sermons, some of them he talks about exactly what we have to do. In fact, if you search this website, you will find some of Emry’s audio sermons here. (There will be more as time goes by.)

I’m not just picking on Laibow, there are others, too, who ignore the reasons why we have the problems we do. Don’t take my work for it, go to the audio or videos of others such as: Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Gerald Celenti and Webster Tarpley to find out what I mean. I think all of these people listed above say they are Christian – if I remember correctly. But what kind of Christian? Is their teaching the same luke warm teaching heard in mainline churches today? If so, that will do us no good.

If they really believe in the Bible, why not add this to their articles and videos they make? Why not include this in the books they write?

I’ll continue more on this topic in future Posts. In the meantime, read your Bible and look for the parallels to today.