Great Pyramid and Enoch

Sermon Sunday 27 July 2014

pyramid and enoch

Isaiah 19:19 records:…’And in that day shall there be an altar to YAHWEH in the midst of the land of Egypt; a pillar at the border thereof’. Some will say that the Pyramid is not mentioned in some versions of Scriptures therefore this has no meaning for us, it was just a burial tomb for some Pharaoh as are the other pyramids.

We will just say that the Great Pyramid of Giza is still there. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World still standing. The Pyramid was built in the time span of 4900 B.C., to 4500 B.C., in the life span of Enoch and Job who were the Master Builders of the race. Master of Egyptology and Masters of the British Museum recognize that the date for the building of the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, and the city of ON with its Temples was long before the flood of Noah’s time. Some Pyramidologists try to date it after the flood using a date supposed to be found in the circumference on the outside of the Pyramid, but Enoch and Job were the Master Builders, the two Pillars of our race with the knowledge to produce these wonders, and they lived much after the flood. Then also some Pyramidologists refused to accept the fact that there were people on earth long before the Adamic race, and thus miss the symbolism and the promises which belong to this race. The word ‘Cheops’ found inside the Pyramid was just a Greek word for Khufu, the name for many Egyptian Pharaohs, and no Egyptian Pharaoh built the great Pyramid for a funeral chapel, that was built outside the Pyramid, long after the Pyramid was erected.

To see the great science behind the Great Pyramid, Click Here

great pyramid enoch

Job talked of what he hoped to do…which was to transcribe, to carve in the rock and seal it forever that His Redeemer liveth, and would stand on the earth in the latter day. (Job 19:24 27) This is exactly what Job helped to do there in Egypt for as the Pyramid was built, all those casement stones, all those indentations were sealed, and the sockets were sealed in lead.

Since most of you are familiar with the dates found in the interior of the Pyramid as they have been published at least thru Identity, I won’t touch much on those dates, but will try to tell you other things about this wondrous symbolic Temple.

The Great Pyramid was built as a spiritual measuring instrument of the heavens. Not only just to measure the equinox processions as they relate to factors of earth, but to also measure the progression of measures as they related to prophetic time measures of earth. In it was the measure of one inch to the year, and thus given measures would start at given points in history to take on their significance forward and backward. Thus the Pyramid Inch of Measure and the Enoch Circle are something given to the Adamic race, and must not be abandoned for the World Order Metric system which they are trying to push over on us.

Men not understanding the basic identity of the Adamic race cannot then understand that there was a source of Light Power available to Job and Enoch for the building of these great memorials, laying out the symbols and identification of a race of people from heaven who came to earth to bring this portion of the Universe back to its place in orbit of the circle of YAHWEH’S Universe. They don’t realize the symbolism which is laid out in the Gospel of the Stars, that is tied to these monuments built in the early days of this race. But these symbols tie heaven and earth together in this march to establish YAHWEH’S Kingdom in earth, then develop it until it is ‘as it is in heaven’.

Now; the Pyramid covers 13 acres…carrying out the symbol of 13 tribes after both sons of Joseph were counted by Jacob Israel. Later YAHWEH ordained Levi not to be counted, but to be His Ministers forever, thus the Divine number 12 would still be in place. But then this number 13 is used much in the story of symbolism, and even in the Star Bible.

This Pyramid is the worlds most massive edifice symbolically and by measurement, declaring the great Divine Plan of the ages, from the beginning of the Adamic race until their work is finished in earth. If measures be right this was to be accomplished in 8400 years with Adam out of the Garden 5407 B.C.

The Great Pyramid stands ten miles southwest of Cairo, Egypt of today. It stands on the northern edge of the Giza Plateau. Its weight is 5,500,000 British tons. The largest and heaviest building in the world. With the large dazzling white casing stones in place on each side it had an area of 21 acres of this reflecting surface like great beams of light as the sun shown on this marvelous structure, and those beams went out for miles around. The ancient Egyptians gave it the name of ‘Light’ and ‘Glorious’. The Hindu called it the ‘Golden Mountain’. But to our race it was built as the Bible in Stone. The Glorious Light. And contrary to what you might have heard or read there was no slave labor used in building the Pyramid. No… the Savants were Master Stone Artisans, and under the guidance of Enoch and Job, and with the power of Light from the box given to Enoch in the Heavens, these great stones were moved and set in place.

There are 12 different statistics revealed by the Pyramid, some of these are:…The Sphere shape of the earth with allowances for the flattening at the poles, the procession of the equinoxes, the length of the earths axes of rotation, the weight of the earth and so forth.

The Pyramid is scientifically placed on the earth, its four sides face accurately north, south, east and west. It is built in the geographical center of the land mass of earth, and it stands on the longest land contact Meridian on the earths surface. It is designed on the basis of Pie ratio, this being the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical Universe is designed. The word ‘Giza’ is an Arab word meaning:..edge, or border, thus it is called the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are thus two types of altars ..those for sacrifice, and those for witness. Thus the Great Pyramid is in the midst of Egypt and yet at the border of the great desert, and yet it ‘shall be a Witness’. Today it speaks with its wondrous story of Resurrection, and so much, much more. The top Stone was not put in place by the builders altho they left stones as tho they considered them, but this top stone has to be a perfect Pyramid itself, and a model for the whole edifice. In the Scripture you are reminded of ‘The Stone which the builders rejected, the same is to become the head’. Or as we would say:..The Chief Corner Stone. In other places this stone is referred to as a ‘Stone of stumbling…a Rock of offense’, and of course they were referring to YAHWEH, WHO CAME AS YAHSHUA to gather unto Himself, ‘gather in one’ all things in heaven and earth.

Some will say:…but does not the Bible tell us that the Scripture is sufficient, that the man of God may be perfect and thoroughly furnished, so why bother with studying the Pyramid? We answer that in studying the Pyramid you are not going outside the Scriptures. It is only that the time has come for this Great Witness to speak. This is the Bible in Stone, and helps round out our story. Remember the ancients called it the Pyramid of Light, and today we need all the Light or truth we can find, for much has been discarded.

The Pyramid has descending passages connected with Satan, the grave, death and so forth. And it has ascending passages symbolizing great and wonderful things. Both slope at the same angles but operating in opposite directions. The one ascending to Life where both chambers have air vents. Those in the downward quarters had no need for air vents for what they symbolized.

Now; as the Pyramid was built, looking out from the descending passage you would have seen the Polar Star. At one time this was in Dragonis calling attention to the fall of Lucifer from the heavens, and his confinement in the pit. This descending passage was the symbol of ‘The wages of sin is death’,…the grave…the place in the Netherworld for the Adamic spirit. But overhead at the Zenith, the Apex of the Pyramid, at that time was the Constellation of Taurus, which later marked the House of Joseph, while in the shoulder of the Great Bull was the Pleiades shining thru as those carried by the Bull. And scientists were to discover that all the heavens seemed to be moving in majestic cycles around this Constellation of the Pleiades, with El Cyone the center of the group, and the area of the Throne of YAHWEH, so named from the beginning of time. Thus this Pyramid, this wondrous witness standing at the center of the earths surface was pointing upward to the sun, the center of our planetary system, but still more grandly upward to El Cyone, the center of the Pleiades themselves, the center Constellation of the Universe.

As men of our race in the 1800’s began to see this wondrous structure called the Great Pyramid, and learned the accurate reading of the Stars, they found that it embodied the Astronomical knowledge of Enoch, foretold even before the erection of the Pyramid, and that it still fulfills times and seasons.

There is a story connected with the Kings Chamber that comes from the lore and ancient writings of the race, and it would be hard to prove to a doubting Thomas, but it makes sense and rounds out our story. We are told that when Adam died his body was thoroughly embalmed and put in ‘The Cave of Treasures’ where other things of the race was kept. Then his body as well as the treasures of the Cave were with Noah and his group on the Ark. It seems that Shem was instructed later to take the body of Adam down into Egypt where he would find that earlier sons of YAHWEH had built a Mighty Temple, and inside that temple was a Sarcophagus place there which would hold the body of Adam until he…YAHWEH as YAHSHUA would come and raise the other Saints and take the body of Adam…bodily resurrected into the heavens, leaving no trace of decay in that Sarcophagus, just like there was no trace of decay later in his tomb. This was the doctrine taught out race in earlier days. So after the flood, so the story goes, Shem came into the areas of Old Palestine with his father, and they established again the ‘Cave of the Treasures’, then Shem took the body of Adam into Egypt and placed it in the Sarcophagus in what is now called the Kings Chamber. Then on leaving the Pyramid, Shem and his men dropped the stones into place sealing the upper passages. They replaced the outer casing stone and the Pyramid was again sealed. The Witness in Stone then stood there for many years as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Then the Arabs begin removing the outer white casing stones and using them many places, as in their homes and business and etc. Then an Arab finally succeeded in blasting his way into the upper passage looking for treasure, but only found an empty Sarcophagus. Then in the 1800’s men of our race became again interested in this Great Pyramid and its secrets. And they finally entered the Pyramid and found the empty Sarcophagus, but they also found that there was a hole torn upward from the descending passage way right up to the ate line of the Resurrection of YAHSHUA. It is as tho torn with a mighty force right up thru all that stone, thus symbolizing the power of the Resurrection. You will remember that the spirit of Adam as well as the spirits of the other Adamites were held in the Netherworld symbolized as the lower parts of the downward passage, and the hole thus was torn right to the point where the Queens Chamber passage starts. Men were amazed at the dates they were uncovering in this Witness of Stone, but the most powerful message they found was RESURRECTION.

But look…Enoch and Job knew of this symbolism and the promise almost 5000 B.C., and they were looking forward to the Atonement and the Resurrection. After all, Enoch did his work so well in earth, that he didn’t die, but just returned home….bodily.

Now; another story showing the symbolism which Enoch knew was to be found in the Staff he carried. For on this staff was an Eagle with its tail feathers pointing downward, and the head looking down because in both talons was the tail of a serpent hanging head down, and the serpents were entwined around that staff…but with their heads handing down. And on the back of the Eagle with the wing tips curled up to hold it was a cup. Here again was the symbolism pointing forward to the cup of clear water which YAHSHUA would drink in the garden for the Atonement. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, in Book two you find that Enoch was Hermes…the Dragon Killer, and he carried such a staff. Of course the Dragon and the Serpent were one and the same.

Now; the fact is that from the time of the Resurrection, the Pyramid was not meant for a tomb. The deteriation of the coverings of the little air vents in both the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber allowed fresh air to enter both Chambers. And since the Resurrection then Israelites, as the physical body dies, the spirit returns to HE who begat it, nor more are they held in bondage in the Netherworld. Thus in symbolism, in the Great Pyramid, an escape route has been provided.

You ask about Eve…what about her? Well I don’t know for Israel history does not always reveal the part played by Israel women. But Adam and Eve were one flesh. Audaum was both male and female until YAHWEH separated them into Adam and Eve. Besides YAHWEH loses nothing, so will let this part of the story rest right there. But the great story for you is that we are the only race whose religion has an empty tomb.

Now; the Kings Chambers and the Queens Chamber were not named that to begin with. They only carried those names because some thought at first that it must be some kings tomb, and of course if you had a kings chamber then you would also have his queens chamber. But both tell the story of Resurrection. So let us go further and see if these two chambers identify with the symbolism of the Star Bible as did the other memorials here in that land.

Remember now that the position of the stars move also in their cycle and in the year 1492 as Columbus sailed West, an entire different Meridian Belt culminated at the Great Pyramid with the Autumnal Equinox. These…a set of stars which at the original marking date had been far to the West. In their progress East toward the Pyramid this place called ‘The place of Light’, the very stars that at the dawn of the Pleiades cycle marked the Eastern confines of the Western hemisphere now held the Zenith and the Meridian of the Pyramid itself. As this expedition of Columbus crossed the terrestrial dividing belt which they had dominated at the down of the cycle marking the Eastern confine of the Western hemisphere, and now held the Zenith, and the Meridian of the Pyramid. And now the Phoenix Bird took its place in history marking the 1/2 time, then as you left the Phoenix Constellation and traveled along the Meridian until you came to the Zenith of the Pyramid you found the Star Bible…Andromeda, the lady chained. But now is the time of her liberation and Perseus her companion follows closely, and in a few moments will take her place upon the Zenith. But continue still further to the North and we find in the latitude of 60 degrees, midway between the Zenith and the Pole star this Constellation of Cassiopia. This is the seated goddess of Liberty, now free and combing her golden hair. And equally distant from the Pole itself, and below, occupying the Northern Horizon is the grandest of all Northern Constellations…Ursa Major, the Great Sheepfold.

Israel people of today because of their blindness caused by the take over of our communications, both written and spoken words, fail to look back at the whole story of the heavens. Of Andromeda the lady chained, and of Cepheus and Cassiopia, the lady now free, and all those with her. And their deep significance which were brought into prominence by the appearance of the sky in 1492. Note that Cassiopia consists of 13 stars, and was compared by the Arabians to an Open Hand which has always been an emblem of power and omnipotence.

Other stars upon the right and the left tell their story, but the sign of the House of Joseph with the symbols as of the pushing of their people to the ends of the earth, even to this great land in the latter times also speaks. Thus all this was marked at the beginning at the Pyramid. This land of ours was also marked by Lyra, and its wondrous story in the heavens, marked by her 13 stars as well.

But there was the Great Sheepfold, that we see in this Star picture, and we call it the big dipper. And there is also a Lesser Sheepfold that we call the little dipper, and these are tied in symbolism to the two chambers of the Pyramid, now called the Kings Chamber and the Queens Chamber. The Lesser Sheepfold is tied to the Queens Chamber, and the Greater Sheepfold is tied to the Kings Chamber. In the Lesser Sheepfold, the little dipper …the last star in the handle is now the Polar Star. It took the place of the Star in Dragonis which was the Polar Star when the Pyramid was built. In the heavens this Polar Star is most important, but now this Polar Star is with the Lesser Sheepfold. In the Pyramid with the Queens Chamber portraying this Lesser Sheepfold, this symbolizes the Adamic Race in earth struggling to build the kingdom. The passage way is low and narrow marking this struggle. But the point where the resurrection is marked is also at the entrance to this passage thus showing the promise of resurrection. In the Star Bible the name of the star which is the Polar star is marked as meaning:..’The turned on’…or ‘the ridden on’…quite appropriate don’t you think? In the blessing of Abraham, and the promise of the multiplication of the seed comes this addition:…’And thy seed shall possess the gates of the enemy’. Thus the important position of the Polar star is now in possession of the Adamic Race, and rides highest in the heavens, and the Dragon of course has been cast out. Still he harasses the kingdom people here in earth, but even that is to end. Oh, this little flock, only 1/6th of the worlds population has not as yet received all the promises, but by Faith they struggle on, and confess that they are but strangers and pilgrims in earth. (Hebrews 11:13) But in due time the redeemed will inherit the kingdom completely. As you approach the Queens Chamber of the Pyramid the roof of the passage is higher and inside the Chamber the air vents are now open and fresh air enters. This then is a chamber of life, and spirit is sometimes symbolized as breath, or air. Thus this people will finally stand and raise the standard of the kingdom here on earth. The date of 1979 marks the entrance into the Queens Chamber in Pyramidology, and only time will tell us whether it is right, but I am inclined to think so. In ancient times the Queens Chamber was referred to as the Chamber of the moon, or the rising, and the renewing of Paradise, thus it connected to the race, and the promises given.

Now; the Greater Sheepfold, this big dipper of the heavens, what does it portray? Yes…in some star maps these sheepfolds are portrayed as bears but that cannot be right for the bear is one of the symbols in earth of the enemy who comes against the kingdom. Thus the name Sheepfold fits much better in the symbolism of the Star Bible. The Greater Sheepfold is a large Constellation. And in the Book of Job 9:9., and 28:31 21., this is rendered as Arcturus, and his sons in the revised version. The Arabs still call it the Assembled together, or ‘sheep in a fold’, and every star in the Constellation is named to carry out this theme. Thus we see here…the innumerable seed gathered by HIM who scattered (Jeremiah 31…Ezekiel 34:12 16). Thus in the Pyramid is the Grand Gallery moving ever upward to the Kings Chamber. We see the advancement of the kingdom here, and the destiny toward the promises of restoration…all Israel being gathered to him, and you find the fall of Babylon, the tares removed, and YAHSHUA…His presence felt in earth as a short work of Righteousness occurs with the manifestation of sons and daughters, and the kingdom rule set in place. Yes, after the 1979 date there is still a low space showing this struggle, but also now things are moving fast for the time of awakening has come. The march will continue until victory, total rule by the kingdom administration and YAHSHUA, thus is symbolized here as joining his people. The march to victory is this kingdom rule over the earth, and eventually further in the promises, is the restitution of all things. Always now the promises point outward and upward.

But what is ahead of this race after the kingdom administration is perfected in earth? Remember the Adamic race took over the Polar star in the sides of the north…then the sign of Lyra with its 13 strings marked the U.S. of A. in 1492. Today scientists (1983) are amazed that Vega the brightest star in the Constellation of Lyra seems to have something around it as tho a Solar system???? But Col. Totten told us in 1892 that Lyra would in time be circumpolar with Vega perhaps taking over the place of the North Polar star. There is lots of open Universe out there in the sides of the North since Lucifer and his hosts have been driven to earth, and since we have been promised that ‘of this kingdom there will be no end’, thus of this race there will be no end, then we wonder…what our Father has planned for us next?


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