Is there proof that God delivered the Israelites?

parting red seaQUESTION:…Please explain Exodus 4:24‑25 and 17:16, and is there any proof other than the Bible that God delivered the Israelites and they wandered so many years in the desert???

ANSWER:…Now; anytime some higher critic ridicules the Scripture you can turn to Archaeology and confirm the Biblical story. Sir Flinders Petrie in the 1800’s did much work in the Sinai Peninsula to confirm the Exodus story. You can turn to Archaeology and confirm there were Hyksos, or White Shepherd Kings who came into Egypt and ruled Egypt for some time. You can find there the name of the Pharaoh who ruled Egypt at the time Moses was born, and his daughter was his first born, and she was not a clinging vine type girl, but was very athletic. You find that when Moses was born to a Hebrew woman, that he was put in a basket of bull rushes and placed in the water. And the Princess who found him and raised him was the daughter of this Pharaoh who was of royal blood as was her mother…they were white, of the Adamic race. Moses then was schooled at the city of ON under that White Priesthood. And this Princess who raised Moses became Queen Hatshepsut. Her reign was a very prosperous one, and at that time Egypt was a beautiful land, a dream land in its beauty.

Then after Moses was 40 years of age he killed an Egyptian because of mistreatment of the Hebrew people, and Moses then fled to the east to the land of the Midianites. And these people were a white Shepherd group in the Peninsula of the Sinai. They were kindred people of the Adamic race and there Moses spent 40 years. Some of these people were Cushites, and they were of the Hamites. Much has been found about Moses in the Sinai according to Archaeology, for he was governor of that country and superintendent of the Mines. He had been schooled the first 40 years of his life and spent the next 40 years arranging, classifying and surveying the information he had obtained until he made it a part of himself. In those second forty we find that Moses surveyed the Sinai Peninsula, and the Archaeologists discovered the map of the area that Moses made. Makes you wonder doesn’t it as to why he was mapping the Sinai before he went back to Egypt to lead the Israelites out of there? But this map even today is in perfect condition, and it shows every road, route, and trail, and was drawn of papyrus. Archaeologists have also found statutes, some life sized of Queen Hatshepsut, and they tell us that she was a very beautiful woman, and that she belonged to the white race, and now you understand why Moses was schooled at the city of ON, and why he would be able to survey the and so forth, as he moved forth in destiny already laid out for him.

Yes, we know who Moses married as we have told you earlier, and the question as to Exodus 4:24‑25…..’It came to pass by the way, in the Inn that the LORD met Moses and sought to kill him. And that Zipporah took a sharp stone and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet and said, surely a bloody husband art thou to me’.  In spite of all the mistranslation this is a detail of the covenant, for Moses was chosen of YAHWEH to be a leader of His people as they were brought out of bondage. There were certain details of the covenant that had to be observed and YAHWEH was just seeing that Moses confirmed the covenant. Here in Exodus the translation has suffered much violence, but the intent of the words was that this demonstrated much force, so it is translated as:..’YAHWEH intercepted and stood before Moses because of this violation of the covenant law’. These same words were used once before meaning to strike a blow, or to give a deadly cleft, so they translated it as ‘The LORD stood before him and sought to kill him’. But you know that if YAHWEH had wanted to kill Moses HE wouldn’t have had to bother to even wave His little finger. But what YAHWEH did was to force the fulfillment of the law of the covenant, of circumcision. This was something that was very necessary because here was Moses being prepared to assume the leadership responsibility. Just as it was necessary for Abraham and his household, so also was it necessary for Moses and his household to fulfill the instructions of the covenant. But Moses would sometimes get bogged down in detail, and would by‑pass something important for his leadership position. There was much about this in the Zohar as to the requirements of leadership.   Archaeologists can tell us the place where Moses came to the Burning Bush of Exodus 3:13, and since the Israelites had forgotten the name of God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob thus Moses was to remind them that…I AM YAHWEH. The rod of YAHWEH is given to Moses (4:17) and it would be as a great power in his hand as he goes back to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Remember that the conditions of life in Egypt for the Hebrews had steadily deteriorated after the white Queen died. Her brother…only a 1/2 brother, was not of pure lineage, and the Israelites came under heavy pressure under his rule. The idea that Moses stuttered came in translation because Moses did not speak fluent Hebrew, but Aaron his brother was chosen to help him overcome this difficulty.

Now; from Archaeology we have found under the signature of Queen Hatshepsut that Moses did exist a flesh and blood man, and she confirms the second chapter of Exodus. Archaeology confirms the first forty years of the life of Moses very easily. The land of Goshen has been found, the city of Pithon has been found, and this was not a city as such but a great storage place. Today we would it a city of grain elevators, only this was underground storage. The storage walls were indeed made with chopped straw in the bricks, and then without straw, and this can still be seen in the walls of the pits of these grain elevators.

Archaeologists found two maps of Egypt, and on them are the boundaries of the land, the lines clear and distinct, and they list the area of Goshen. They tell us also that not all the Israelites went out in the Exodus, and some of them had even gone out before the Exodus. However the time came when the Israelites were to go out in the Exodus and the power play between the Pharaoh and Moses and Aaron began. Great Plagues struck the Egyptians until the Pharaoh decided the Israelites must leave in a hurry or there would not be an Egyptian left. Remember that the Egyptians were effected by the Plagues but the Israelites living in Goshen were not. So the details of the Exodus were worked out, and then using the ‘Rod of YAHWEH’ Moses led the Hebrew‑Israelites out across the sea on dry ground about where the city of Suez is today, and the waters closed in behind them and destroyed the Egyptian Army which was in pursuit.

The complete Biblical account of the Hebrew‑Israelite Exodus is scattered thru six Books of the Bible, but here in the Book of Exodus then Moses led his people first to Mt. Sinai, and they camped there for 11 months. Mount Sinai we find is not one peak but three, and all are about the same height, and that about 1/2 way up the Mountain is a shelf along the whole face of the Mountain, from which you can look down and see the whole great plain. Moses stood, or could have stood on this shelf looking down when he brought the ten commandments, and found the people building the golden calf. And incidently it was not a calf, but the image of Apis, or the bull, which was a form of worship in Egypt. And they even had temples there for this animal, and his worship. There was trouble makers at work in the camp of the Israelites, and they continued to make trouble until the last one died in that 40 year journey.

Now; some have suggested that our deliverance today will be as it was with our ancestors coming out of Egypt at the Exodus, so notice carefully the actions of these people as they were led by Moses, and under the protection of YAHWEH, who even fed them on heavenly food…manna..and yet they even got tired of that. But remember also this ‘mixed multitude’ with them always, and it was not until they died out and were exposed as to who they were that Israel marched without trouble. Of course YAHWEH knew by foreknowledge how the people would react, and He was not going to wash His hands of His people, or let them disappear from the face of the earth anymore than HE will allow us today to let the devil and his children win. We may not like the chastisement but it will continue until we as a nation turn back to His laws and do what we are supposed to do as His battle‑ax and weapons of war, and get rid of the ‘mixed multitude’ in our midst.

During the eleven months there at Mount Sinai where even according to Biblical records the Earthly kingdom was set in place with the ritual of sacrifice, the ceremonies of the Tabernacle service, the work of the Ark of the Covenant, and all these things these people were prepared to march, and the Tabernacle was then taken up and the march began. From Mount Sinai they went to the headwaters of the Gulf of Akaba, from there to Kadesh‑ Barnea, and from there to Ababa, and finally Jericho. The sum total of distance Moses was to lead them was eleven hundred miles of the most difficult traveling on the face of the globe. It was a desert of the worst character, where nature is more niggardly in regard to both food and water supply. We would think that the cattle taken along probably were only sufficient number to supply the demands of sacrifice.

Now; remember YAHWEH was with His people, but so were this mixed multitude of complainers, and altho He fed them on Manna from heaven, still some remembered the meat they ate in Egypt and complaining began. The next stop they made was where the Quails were sent for meat for them to eat, and the fireplaces are still there according to Archaeologists, this is where they cooked their food, and soot is still upon the fireplaces because it never rains in that place, and there is no dew even in that locality, besides the graves are also still there of the people who died of the plague engendered from eating the Quail.   But what was the ‘Rock’ which Moses struck to get water in the desert? We say it was the Jacob Stone which Israel always carried with them from the time when it was Jacob’s pillow. And the Rod of YAHWEH was used by Moses to strike the Rock as he was told to do.

Now; the Amalekites came to fight against Israel. These people were of the Edomites, and were descendants from Esau, and we are told that YAHWEH will have war with Amalek from generation to generation. Exodus 17:16. But the old record of translation says:…’With your hand upon the throne (Stone) of Jacob fight Amalek for YAHWEH from age to age’. So remember that Esau married outside his race, and his sons are thus tied back to Cain in lineage, who was the son of Lucifer.          We would call your attention to Psalm 83….’The enemy has taken crafty council against the hidden people (Israel) and said: Come let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel be no more in remembrance’. Today they have not only accomplished this, but have taken the name for themselves.

Now; Moses had left his wife and sons with her father as he prepared to lead Israel out of bondage, but after the Israelites are delivered and are camped in the wilderness then Jethro, the Priest of Midian and father of Zipporah, came to the Israel encampment bringing the wife of Moses and his two sons. Jethro altho an Adamite of the white Shepherd line was not of the 12 tribes, of Israel as such, but he was still ‘Issue ruling with YAHWEH’ …still Israel, and he was able to help Moses set up a chain of command to relieve Moses of some of the details of leadership. For even tho there was not a lame, blind, or sick person among the Israelites still they had brought this mixed multitude from along their way and always they try to move with Israel, and we even have them today, but they were always complaining and Moses was always busy trying to settle arguments. Exodus 18. Remember the Presence of YAHWEH was with these people day and night, just as He is today in your heart, but when you listen to the World Order around you then that muffles the sound from within, and Israelites became more in tune with the World Order than the voice inside.

Even after the commandments were given for the conduct of their society, the laws of the kingdom set in place, the worship service established still Israel had trouble obeying, and those high in the work even let their ego get in the way, and they tried to lead even tho YAHWEH had ordained Moses for that job. You must remember that you don’t work for the righteousness of YAHWEH, you don’t earn this, HE gives it to you. In otherwords you work to keep the law and the ritual of the law was given until Israel as a task master to bring her to YAHSHUA (The Christ), but in the areas of the individual…YAHWEH imputes righteousness to the individual because of your belief…FAITH. In the New Testament the Apostle Paul talks about justification of FAITH, not by debt. In otherwords our Father Abraham was not justified by works but by FAITH because he believed YAHWEH, and that was counted to him for righteousness. YAHWEH told Abraham that He was going to make of him a great nation, and He told him this before HE gave the law to the descendants of Abraham. He told him this before Moses led the Israelites to Mount Sinai. According to the Archaeologists it was at Mount Sinai that the Israelites went for the sacrifice ritual even before they left Egypt. That in the days of Queen Hatshepsut even the temple at Mt. Sinai was rebuilt, perhaps getting ready for the coming of the Israelites? In symbolism then YAHWEH is the Great Eagle and Israel the Eaglets, and at Sinai His people promised ‘All that YAHWEH hath spoken we will do’. They even reaffirmed it for the third time, but we find that because of the mixed multitude with them that these tares among the wheat were always causing Israel to forget her destiny. Today the tares are still among the wheat always causing Israel to forget her destiny. Today the tares are   still among the wheat but they are turning red, so the harvest is about ready, but as long as they remain among the wheat, Israel is led astray.

The commandments (Exodus 20) were given for a way of life for the kingdom. Keep them, and it is much easier to follow this path of destiny, but the word adultery in verse 14 is race mixing, cohabiting with other races, while verse 17 contains the ‘shalt not’ for adultery as the term is used today. Also Israel was not to make any covenants with the people of the land they would pass thru, or those of the land they would settle in because if others dwell in your land then you have a tendency to be tolerant of other people, and their gods and then they become a snare to you, and you sin against YAHWEH…Exodus 23:31‑33.

Now; remember that Israel had now been thru the great worship service where the kingdom was established, and others of Israel had gone up the Mountain with Moses to the Presence of YAHWEH, and this great cloud of Shekinah Light covered the Mountain and all Israel saw this great Light.  They knew this was the Light of YAHWEH. They knew that Moses had been allowed to see the back of YAHWEH, and they knew that the Face of Moses had shown as he came down off that Mountain until he had to cover himself be‑ cause the rest of Israel could not now stand the radiation coming off the face of Moses, and yet as they moved in their migration the people grumbled, and the family of Moses even had a family quarrel about the leadership position.

The next stop in the migration was at Hazeroth according to Archaeology, and this was a beautiful Oasis (Numbers 11:35), the last station before entering the wilderness of Paran which formed the great central plateau of the Sinai Peninsula. They remained here seven days because of this family quarrel between Moses, Aaron, and Miriam (Brothers and sister). Probably human ego got in the road of clear thinking because Miriam wanted a more influential part in the leadership. They also quarreled about the fact that Moses had not married a girl of the close lineage of the 12 tribes. They did not stop to think that YAHWEH was in control, and that they were just to be walking under His guidance. But for her part in this quarrel Miriam was stricken with Leprosy and they camped for seven days until she was well again, but for this Miriam was to die here in the desert and the Archaeologists can show you her tomb.

Finally this great company reached Kaddish‑Barnea about 50 miles south of Hebron. Again the water supply had failed and the agitators were stirring up trouble. This time Moses was commanded to SPEAK to the Rock, not to strike it as he had earlier with the Rod of YAHWEH.  Moses no doubt aggravated with these complaining people was very human for a moment and he struck the Rock twice..instead of Speaking to it as he was commanded to do. Oh, the water came out but Moses would not be allowed to be the leader to guide Israel into the promised land. According to Archaeology there are no rocks at Kadesh, thus the ROCK according to Biblical records was again the Jacob Throne (Stone) they had carried always with them. Here at Kadesh‑ Barnea the Israelites spent the next 38 years, being whipped into a great fighting machine. This area was the center of their activities altho they spread out over the adjacent territory. The ruins of their works in terraces, walls, and reservoirs are still seen today. Here the generation that left Egypt all died except Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Caleb. Only the younger Israelites were now left to become this great fighting army which would be necessary to take the land of Canaan from those who now held it.

The Statesmanship of Moses has never been surpassed in history altho several have tried in modern times to imitate him. He took this rising generation and trained them in the way YAHWEH wished them to go. Remember the Israelites had been numbered. A Family Tree was established to begin with (Numbers 2) and they still continue today as you locate them by their symbols. Thus from a spoiled group who came out of Egypt with Moses, he had developed them into a hardy desert race ready to endure hardship without a murmur, and to make their place in destiny. Thus at the end of this time Moses had the greatest military machine that the world had beheld up to that time. And because they were only 50 miles from the border of the country they wished to enter…still because of INTERNATIONAL LAW…they had to make a great detour. They must go back to the Gulf of Akaba, then East and Northeast thru some of the roughest country of that area. They had to traverse the second largest canyon in the world, the largest being our own Grand Canyon. This canyon was named for Aaron for he is stripped of his Priestly garments, and they were put on his son, and Aaron died and was buried atop a mountain there. His tomb is one of the outstanding landmarks of that country. The Monastery of St. Catherine is in the vicinity of his tomb. The people of Israel mourned for Aaron, and then again some lamented at not being back in Egypt. But Joshua and Moses led the children of Israel across the great canyon and on to the North. Remember how Moses lifted up the ‘Broken serpent on the staff?’ Some translations would have you think that it was a ‘brazen serpent’ which is also true but still Moses is symbolizing that only with the serpent broken, and removed from their midst can Israel walk in the way YAHWEH has lined out for them to walk. Some would have you believe that if they touched the serpent that Moses lifted up then the people were healed. NO…not true Dear people, Moses was ex‑ posing the tares who were in the midst, and only by getting rid of the tares (serpents) in their midst would they be able to move forward in their destiny. The Israelites could not have taken the land of Canaan with the ‘tares’ in their midst. The lesson for America today is that only as we fulfill our destiny and soar like Eagles, and resist the power of the serpent, the dragon over our Nation, only then can we reach our destiny. The broken serpent, the serpent with its head cut off had its origin as an emblem way back in the beginning of the ancient Mosaic foundation of the Wisdom Schools, and in the lore of our people. It was there back in the days of Enoch and Job and it goes on back even further to the days of our father Adam who remember was to war against the serpent until seven times be fulfilled. Always the enlightened of our race has carried such an emblem. A warrior with a flaming sword in one hand, and the flaming cross in the other hand, and dropping from the edge of the sword was the head of a serpent neatly taken off. No wonder such an emblem strikes fear in the hearts of our enemy today for they realize what this means, altho so many of our race are blind to this symbol of the striking Eagle, and the beheaded serpent. But in this battle against the serpent which was outlined in Genesis 3:15…then always YAHWEH raised up warriors, some are appreciated and some are not, as they march down thru their patterns of history. Some became casualties in the battle, but they sent out their literature and they called attention to the enemy, and thus fulfilled their destiny.

But here in EXODUS the journey for Moses was drawing to a close. He was instructed to climb Mt. Pisgah and there standing on that peak the entire land of Palestine is seen in panorama. You are told in the Scripture that Moses died and God buried him, but we are sure that Moses never wrote that, and the Archaeologists have ever looked for the tomb of Moses and none have ever found it.

Moses is next seen on the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus was in the physical, as He showed the disciples some of the Glory of the Spirit, but Elijah was there also in his transformed body, and Moses…he was there… so think about that.  Also how could Moses write that Moses died????

The children of Israel now stand on the other side of the Jordan River where the Allenby Bridge now stands, and they could look across the river at the great fortress which blocked their way, this was the fortress city of Jericho. They had sent scouts into the land of Canaan to see what it was like, and what type of people lived there. The men were gone 40 days and when they returned to camp they reported that it was a great land with much food, but the cities were walled cities, and even the Amalekites lived there as well as Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, and Cainanites, and that great giants were in that land. Then there stood this great and formidable military fortification, the greatest in that part of Asia which was the key to the whole military operation which Joshua as leader of the Israelites must undertake to break. It also had to be taken first, then each part of the country could be conquered separately. But there stood Jericho so impregnable to the then known military tactics. But remember that YAHWEH was still guiding His people. This was the fighting force that Moses had whipped into place, and Joshua as well as those who now followed him moved in FAITH, and they followed instructions to the letter. The tares are now gone from their midst, they had died out, and the people were following the law, the rituals of worship, and even the food laws. Leviticus 11. And they did not eat the swine, and one reason this is not to be eaten is that the hog is not a strictly created animal for your food. It takes much more energy to digest pork than it does of any of the allowable animals. And thirdly there is something about Pork..especially fresh Pork that if any remains in your body, and you take a scanner test for cancer then it shows positive whether you have cancer or not. Most doctors of today will deny this, but his is an established fact, and has been known for years. But here on the far bank of the Jordan River this cleansed and prepared fighting army of Israel stands ready to cross. Some like 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh are to find their position on the East side of the river, but their fighting men will join the rest of Israel to take the land of Canaan. Why then did YAHWEH tell them they were to wipe out every man, woman, and child of that land which they were not to enter? You hear people say this God of the Old Testament is a Fearsome God, they like the God of the New Testament better for He preached Love. The reason they say this is from misunderstanding of the Scripture because the God of the Old Testament is YAHWEH, and the Jesus of the New Testament is YAHWEH come in the flesh, and He preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, but they are one and the same. Remember there were giants in this land who came from the mixing of fallen Angels with the races of earth. There were Steppe Mongols here and descendants of Cain, and still there was another reason for wiping them out, for their cup of iniquity was full. But long before this when Enoch and Job and their great company left this old land now called Palestine, and went into Egypt for their work of building, then these ancient hill country people came in and killed the remnant of the Adamic people…those of Gods household left in this old land. These Adamic people were not a war like people, they were a people of science, and wisdom and knowledge, they were a part of YAHWEH’S household in earth, to be a blessing to the world, but Satanic forces destroyed them as they had done so many times in the past.

This is the situation as these Israelites came back into this old land, and here under the leadership of Joshua they were to come into the same sort of situation, even like the situation in the Tarim Basin where the Satanic forces were waiting to destroy them. But this time it would not be allowed, and Joshua was told that the Israelites were to destroy them all. In fact this would be only kindness on the part of our Father, this would put them in another dimension and He would deal with them later. Here in the physical they had sunk so low, that there was no hope for them in that direction.

Now; the story of the history of the Israelites continues in the Book of Joshua…who moving totally under FAITH would deliver his people.



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