What About Astrology and Astronomy?

What About Astrology and Astronomy?

astrology sign

By Ella Rose Mast

Question: Please explain Isaiah chapter 47:12 15. What about Astrology and Astronomy??

Answer: ‘Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries, where in thou hast labored from thy youth; if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail. Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy councils. Let now the astrologers, the star gazers, the monthly prognosticators stand up, and save thee from these things which shall come upon thee.’ Read the whole chapter and even read chapter 46., and realize that YAHWEH says:..’My council shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure’. ‘I will place salvation in Zion for Israel My Glory’.

Isaiah is talking about the downfall of Ancient Babylon, for she had reached the height of her iniquity. Oh, she never thought she would fall, but then she had abused YAHWEH’S people He had given into her hands, and she would reap His wrath. Here you find the sorceries which leads up to the merchants and this is identifying the problem and the people who caused the fall of Babylon. The Merchants are further identified in the fall of Great Babylon, Revelation 18:11 24. Thus you have identified the leaders of Lucifers kingdom who fight against YAHWEH’S Kingdom continually. And today Great Babylon is falling, and we are told to come out of her…’Oh my people’..lest you get hurt as she falls.

Astronomy and Astrology both played a great part in the history of the Adamic race altho the progression of the stars (planets) was used for measure in the Ancient records long before Adam. But true Astronomy and Astrology as it effected our race started with Adam. Enoch the seventh from Adam in lineage would be taken into the heavens and have these things brought back to his memory. He returned to record the measures of time for the Adamic race in their physical experience in bringing forth YAHWEH’S kingdom in earth…as it is in heaven. Starting about 5000 years before the birth of YAHSHUA (Christ) Enoch set in place the school of the Magi.

These men of the race would build a great stone observatory high in the Himalayan mountains above Burma, there as they charted the years they also watched for the great star (comet) which Enoch said would come into the figure of the heavens showing an Eagle falling…called Aquila. Enoch recorded that this star would come into the head of Aquila and then move in 32 years to the head of the woman..Virgo, and it would turn by the time it showed in the womb area of the woman and go back out into space.

This was the sign that the Wisemen of the race were to watch for as this would signal that YAHWEH would be born on earth out of this Adamic race he had established beginning with Adam and Eve. Thus the Magi built and they measured the heavens and they waited. They sent others of their organizations to build ‘Do Ring’ on the Persian Gulf, and Stonehenge in Britain as well as many other circles of stone, and from all those places they were watching the heavens and measuring the seasons and the years, and all the time watching and waiting for the sign of HIS Birth. They trained those who would follow them in their profession and they became a wealthy and respected organization.

They knew the time was for sometime in the distance but they instructed successors and did their work and they waited. The Roman records at the time of the Christ show that the Magi were given permission to move in and out of the Roman Empire at any time, and no one was to hinder or molest them, so they were an active and strong organization at the time of the Birth of the Christ child.

Now; Enoch and Job had gone into Egypt about 4500 B.C. to 5000 B.C., to complete the signs and the measures for the race. They led 144,000 Savants into that land to build the Great City of ON with its Temple in the hub of the circle, and on the dome of the Temple was what we call the Star Bible. All of the 612 Stars from one to seventh magnitude hung from that great dome, and even the planets were in their place on the ecliptic of the heavens. We did not discover Pluto until in the 30’s but Enoch and Job placed it there…so long ago. Venus did not come in to stay in our Solar system until the time of the Exodus of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, but it was in place in that great Temple long before. The entire zodiac was there with its symbols for each tribe of Israel altho physically they were not in place for a few thousand years. But this building headed by Enoch and Job in Egypt not only consisted of this great city of ON built in a circle with the great Temple in the hub of the circle, but also they would build the Sphinx with its symbolic history, with the 33 steps down to the Temple under the building, and the two Pillars of that Temple, but that of course is another story.

It is suffice to say here that on the Great Dome of the Temple in the city of ON, between the emblem of a Sphinx telling you where to begin the Zodiac and where it ended. This should show you some of the importance of the science of Astronomy and Astrology as it is connected with our race. Besides that there was to be a sign in the heavens signaling the birth of the Christ child which the race had waited for since Enoch laid out that measure of the line up of the planets so they would know what to watch for. Also Enoch gave other measures even for the end of the age and the beginning of the bringing forth of the kingdom at the end of the age, and then he recorded what to watch for in this sign of the SON OF MAN in the Heavens, that Jesus talked abut in the Book of Matthew. This would be a time of the increase of knowledge as to who we are, the approaching climax to the final battle of Armageddon. This sign would consist of a message in the heavens as to the line up of planets in the sign of Aquarius, and this sign came February 4, 1962. So right in the midst of Jacobs troubles came this sign, and its signal was for the beginning of the rising of the Kingdom to come out from under the yoke of Great Babylon which is World Government with its final program to destroy this kingdom of YAHWEH (God) here in earth.

Now, out of the teachings of Enoch came also the Wisdom Schools of our race with the two Pillars of Wisdom headed by Job..this the Universal physical law of the fulcrum, the other headed by Enoch..that being spiritual law with the organizations such as the Rose Cross and the Rose of Sharon… all being a part of the spiritual law. The leaders of the Wisdom Schools were called Master Builders..Masons, and they taught many mysteries in these Ancient white Mystery Schools, before the later organizations degenerated into what is today a pagan organization of the Rosicrucians and yes Freemasonry. The Yehudin came in and ruined the Rosicrucian society just as they have all areas of Masonry except certain areas of the Blue Lodge, and the secret company of Light Carriers. Always YAHWEH preserves truth somewhere even those areas the enemy is always trying to twist and turn.

Now, as to Astrology…the Zodiac has been divided into months according to Constellations and names have been given to the Constellations, and thus you are born under any of these twelve signs. The electronic pattern of a person born at that time was such a small variation in orbit that takes place over thousands of years, has set up a pattern and this pattern has been studied and observed. In fact back then the Zohar was in use and the Savants had this knowledge, and it has been passed on down thru the generations. Back when Enoch and Job and the Savants had built this great Temple in the city of ON there were 12,000 Savants for each month of the year who worked there. It was known at that time that the opposition month, the month directly across from the month of your birth was your strongest time, and the Savants worked coordinating their building at this time because this was the time when their efforts were the highest, not in their birth month. This made me wonder if The Christ will culminate things in this containment of Lucifer in the symbol of Libra..where you find the Southern Cross, and Ara..the Altar..this Shekinah Glory.

This would be the opposite of the time of His birth when He came as the most helpless..a tiny babe.. born out of our race. Also out of that Southern Cross area came the great Comet which circled the Universe so long and finally came into the head of Aquila and on to the head of Virgo, and that comet today we call the Star of Bethlehem. Where is it today?? In 1962 it was found so they thought in the Sign of Leo the Lion. In 1982 they discovered a new Nova or star in the sign of the heavens..in Aquila and today they are watching that development. But since those Ancient Savants dwelt in their section of the great city of ON..in the birth month sections, then this should show how important this number twelve of the Zodiac really is. Then in Revelation we find the lady of the heavens, Virgo, with her crown of twelve stars..she also carries twelve stalks of wheat in her hand. The Twelve Tribes of Israel also carried a sign from the Zodiac, and then as the Levi were made Priests in Israel forever, the House of Joseph had a double portion and both sons of Joseph carried their sign but the number twelve was maintained. These Zodiac signs are also found around the throne of the, Most High…they are called Living creatures, but they are the signs of the Zodiac, and designate different leaders of Israel..different sides of the encampment around the Tabernacle and the Temple, and today you trace the people with these signs in the heraldry of their nations. Thus..yes, both Astronomy and Astrology in the early days of our race were highly developed and used and taught. In fact the whole Gospel message is in the sky, set in place so long ago to be viewed from earth which now is the theater of the heavens..the theater of the Universe.

Astronomy then is the study of the Universe, anything in the heavens and as to how it effects earth. Astrology has perhaps been the most corrupted today in some instance being even Satanic, and used as a money scheme. Madam Blavatsky of the Rosicrucian society in California in the 1960’s and before her was Lillth..the fallen Angel of reincarnation..in a cycle of return..were both head of this organization which was Satanic. We have however told you that Lucifer and his people would never be able to totally understand the mysteries of the Ancient Wisdom Schools but thru out history as you create and develop, the Luciferians come in trying to understand and instead they take over and destroy.

This has happened to both Astrology and Astronomy but both had a part to play in the history of our race, and still do. The Sorcerer, Sorcery, is divination by the aid of evil spirits..witch craft and so forth, and this identifies those who would destroy. They are the ones with the twisted philosophy of Lucifer’s kingdom. When they come in and take control they destroy because they are evil. Babylon of old saw them attempt to establish a one World Government, and then YAHWEH brought it down. They are trying in our country today..the same thing..it has been going on for some time. To me it is as tho we marched into a great battle and the scrap is as we try to come out which we are doing now. This brings about the fall of Great Babylon as YAHWEH’S people wake up as to what is going on, and they try to come out of this great false system which controls politics, money and religion with its effect on our society of this integration and social program (Micah 4:10)..the promise is that you will go to Babylon and then be delivered..then Great Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and we wait for the climax of that day.

Astrology…now certain things happen under certain conditions that never happen when those things are not in measure, I do not say that the stars make men do anything but I do say there are areas of restraint and areas of energies that move thru the consciousness that are these measures, and this has nothing to do with fortune telling or the like. There are areas of affinity between people according to their date time under the scope of the fall of our race but this is a measure of that time, and has nothing to do with sorcery or any other work of the devil, and his fallen kingdom. They just play at understanding the work of our race, and only make progress when our people allow them to usurp and take over our place in this grand scope and plan of our Father.

When Adam’s race wakes up then Lucifer’s Great Babylon scheme of things will fall suddenly. We see much awakening today and much work against this awakening, but the enemy does not understand that Our Father has a built in mechanism that he can stimulate..in us..so that we respond and throw off this yoke. Revelation 18..With violence shall great Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more..Vs 23, by the Sorceries were all nations deceived.


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