Government Aid: When to Give it and When Not to Give It

Government Aid: When to Give it and When Not to Give It

By Richard Snowden

Under a godly government there should be no government handouts but there are certain times when this is necessary.

When I speak about government aid, I’m talking about unemployment, welfare and any other payments to cover the cost of living.

Under today’s system it is necessarily that people are paid government aid of one kind or another because this system is not a biblical one.

Let’s say a godly government comes into office where there are millions of people who are unemployed, too old to work or are handicapped in some way. These people need assistance and they need money to pay for food, clothing, housing, transportation and other necessities of life. Though I just said that a biblical system would not have a government that hands out tax-payers money, there is a time when it is needed. That time is when a good government inherits all the evils that the previous government left behind.


In the 1830s, in Congress, a bill was proposed to give money to a widow of some general in order to live on. This was the very first time that a law was proposed to support someone on welfare from the tax-payers’ money. Many members of Congress thought this was a good idea. After all, this many served his country and this is a way to pay him back. Well, Davy Crockett didn’t think so.

Davy Crockett said (I’m paraphrasing) that it is not right for the government to give tax-payers money to anyone, no matter how good the cause. If you want to help this woman on your own, than reach into your own pockets and do so.

As a result of Corckett’s short speech, the widow did not get her money from the tax-payers. Perhaps she got if from individual members of Congress but not from the government coffers.


Let’s say that Obama and his administration is out of office. In comes a party that advocates Christian laws – as explained in the Bible. The citizens still need to be fed, they still need to be housed and taken care for. So, there is no alternative but to pay these people. After all, just because a good government came to office doesn’t mean that there will be full employment. It doest’ mean that the handicapped are made well and it doesn’t mean that the old will be young and full of energy and ready to work. So, these people still have to be taken care of.

These people were robbed all their lives under previous administrations, so, they are really getting the money back that the government had stolen from them.

Under a Christian government, like we had in the 17th, 18th and 19th century, we gave out no welfare. It was not until President Roosevelt in 1930s started what was called Social Security. The reason why it was needed at that time was that the US was in a Depression (that Wall Street started) and they were thrown out of work.

Previous to this, the government did not have unemployment benefits, food stamps or welfare of any kind. You might ask how the people took care of themselves. Easy. When people, as a whole, was prosperous, there were neighbors, churches and some charities that helped those who were truly in need. When people are not taxed to death, they have more money to give. When society is prosperous, more people had businesses and made more money. When people lived by the teachings of Christ, they paid their tithe and offerings to the church. So, the church had more money to help the needy.

Yes, we had poor people 200 hundred years ago, but they were much fewer in number. We had elderly and we had the disabled but they got help from private sources. The families of many of those who could not work, for whatever reason, we able to help as they had more income.

Those that retired, if they stopped working at all, were able to save their money and had more money to save. So, when they couldn’t work or couldn’t work enough to make what they used to, they had the money saved to see them through life. Thus, there were fewer retired people who did not need any outside financial help at all.

You often here (if you are from the US or the UK, for example) “That no one starves in our country,” with inference that people were able to get welfare of some kind to buy food. They also infer, that before the time of the welfare state that people did go hungry. I agree, that in some countries and some point in their history, they went hungry, such as in the UK in the mid 19th Century. However, this is not true of the US.

In the US, before Roosevelt and his marxist-socialist programs, people did not go hungry here, either. And this was the case since Colonial times.

When Benjamin Franklin was in Britain he was asked by some influential people if there were any “poor houses” in America. He asked, “What are they?” They explained that this is where the poor people lived. Franklin responded and said, “We don’t have any poor houses. And even if we did, there would be no one to fill them up.”

In other words, even in the 1700s there was prosperity in the Colonies. Wasn’t that wonderful! We can have that today IF we had the same laws, statutes and judgements as Yahweh, God, told us to have.

That is the key to prosperity, prosperity for families, businesses and government IF we obey and DO what God tells us.


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